Liam Gallagher’s Melbourne Show Got Cut Off Literally Mid-Song & He’s Fucking Ropeable

It’s kind of a misnomer that Melbourne is some kind of magical nighttime paradise where anything goes and you can do anything. Sure, in comparison to Sydney and its draconian lockout laws it’s practically Magaluf. But at the end of the day it’s still a city in Australia, which means on a fundamental level it’s controlled by ultracops. Case in point, Liam Gallagher, currently in the middle of a massive Australian tour, quite literally had the plugged pulled during his show in Melbourne last night, with his set being cut off mid-song when officials shut the PA off on him.

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Gallagher was performing a very sold out show at Margaret Court Arena and was half-way through belting out the Oasis classic Supersonic when the clock ticked over to 11pm – the reported curfew for performances at the arena – and officials switched his PA off.

Footage from the crowd shows a very crabby Gallagher pacing about after his mic was shut off, before the show ended abruptly.

Punters at the show vented their frustration over the incident, including Channel Seven footy commentator/Richmond great/good Tassie boy Matthew Richardson, who certainly knows his way around a gig and certainly knows when some bullshit has been pulled.

The issues seem to have arisen due to a late starting time for Gallagher, which was mandated due to orangisers wanting to stagger the exit times for both that show, and the Elton John performance occurring next door at Rod Laver Arena.

Gallagher reportedly told the crowd he only had time for one more song and asked fans which tune they wanted to hear, Supersonic or Champagne Supernova, the latter of which was scheduled to close out his set. Regardless, organisers still saw fit to pull the plug even though he was a mere minute or so short of finishing his set off.

After the show, Gallagher tore into the rigid curfew on Twitter, ranting that if they had gone over time by even one second the tour would have faced a staggering $250,000 fine.

Margaret Court Arena officials have not issued comment on the matter, however it seems bananas that the venue has a noise curfew in place at all, given that it’s located in an area deliberately far away from any residential buildings.

Gallagher’s Australian tour rolls on this coming weekend when he headlines the legendary Meredith Music Festival in rural Victoria.