If you wanna recline right back for the rest of your day, Leikeli47 offering to the Like A Version altar is absolutely what should be soundtracking your lazy Friday afternoon. Woof mates, it’s smooth as syrup.

Taking to the Triple J studios while in town for the annual Listen Out Festival, the Brooklyn rapper switched lanes from her typical bass-heavy beats to lay down a silky smooth lounge version of Blackstreet‘s massive hit, ‘No Diggity’.

You’d probably know Leikeli47 from her track ‘Money’, which is a god damn mood and an earworm of a banger, and she gathered in a full horn section, percussion, and backup singers to groove through the slick rendition of the 1996 R&B hit.

Let this be another addition to my personal pitch for Biggest ‘Like A Version’ Compilation CD Ever, because I simply cannot stop listening to it. Plus the contrast between the audio and the visual of Leikeli47 in her full-face balaclava (with extra access to put her hoops in her lobes) is just so so good.

Check out the performance below, and if you wanna see Leikeli47 in full flight, she smashed through her own track ‘Tic Boom‘ as well.

You’ll be able to cop Leikeli47 live at Listen Out Fest in Sydney tomorrow, Oct 5, at Centennial Park.

Image: YouTube / Triple J