LCD Soundystem Studio Video

The as-yet-untitled followup to 2007’s universally acclaimed Sound Of Silver is not without hefty expectation. We say that because A) It’s LCD “infallible” Soundysystem and B) James Murphy has already promised an eclectic opus that’s “definitely better than the other two”. Big call Mr. Murphy, big call. And though we can’t rule out temporary insanity due to cabin fever, caffeine and Ultimate Fighting reruns we’re inclined to believe him. Why would he lie?

To hoist the anticipation levels into overdrive Mr. Murphy has offered a behind the scenes peek at the process thus far via footage of the Cribs-worthy LA mansion he now calls his studio and some lighthearted recording high-jinks. Murphy also explains why he chose to hole up on the West Coast and shows signs of hysteria towards the video’s end. LA I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down?

Via Anthem