Lawyers Are Reaching Out To Punters Injured In The Falls Fest Crowd Crush

A Victorian law firm has issued a call-out for punters injured during the serious crowd crush incident at Falls Festival’s Lorne leg, suggesting legal proceedings may be launched against the music fest’s organisers. 

Maddens Lawyers, based in Warrnambool, issued a Facebook post this afternoon asking patrons hurt during (or witness to) the stampede-like event to reach out. The post’s click-through link leads to a page saying individuals may be entitled to compensation.
The firm has reportedly already been in contact with ten festival attendees regarding the issue.
19 people sustained serious injuries, and more than 60 were treated on-site by medical professionals, after surging crowds leaving DMA’s Friday night set unintentionally trampled patrons who’d fallen further ahead.
In a statement obtained by the Sydney Morning Herald, Maddens Lawyers’ Brendan Pendergast said environmental factors, including the Grand Theatre tent’s entrances and exits, “were well outside the control of festival patrons.”
Pendergast said registering interest with Maddens Lawyers “isn’t necessarily a commitment to take action,” but may represent a way for respondents to “remain informed about the progress of our investigations and remain across what options are in relation to legal action and compensation.”
Previously, Falls Festival co-producer Jessica Ducrou issued a statement defending the event’s “impeccable safety record.”
“Patron safety is paramount to Falls, we spend a lot of time engaging with local authorities, emergency services, on a local and State level, specialist consultants, local and State Council and various other community services to ensure we are offering the safest environment for our patrons.”

An in-depth report into the incident is expected in the near future.