Rapper Latto Has Posted Receipts To Prove She Didn’t Photoshop A Bigger Crowd At Her Coachella Set

Rapper Latto performing onstage at Coachella and Instagram caption which reads: haters will say it's photoshopped :/

Rapper Latto has taken to Instagram to prove she did not, in fact, Photoshop the crowd at her Coachella performance to make it look like there were more folks in attendance.

We are truly living in the most batshit timeline. We need a factory reset, and we need it now.

In case you missed the OG claims, it all started after Latto performed at Coachella on the closing Sunday of weekend one and posted some pics of her set to Twitter.

We love to see it. Get that bag, babe.

Some folks, however, replied to her tweet with supposed editing flops.

I must admit that some of them made me scream, particularly one posted by Twitter user Leonardo (@skyferrori) who pointed out that the exact same person was papped in the crowd twice.

Sure, it could be edited, but I don’t think we should discount the possibility that a set of twins simply decided to rock out and watch Latto perform “Big Energy”. Anything is possible!

As reported by NME, Latto shut down claims she edited the photo on her Instagram Story.

“Never photoshopped a crowd … I expanded it so it would fit in my Instagram swipe without getting cut off but it was clearly fucked up so I didn’t end up using it and just posted the wrong version by accident on Twitter, babes … next,” she wrote.

She also shared a video of her set to Instagram to prove she pulled a massive crowd. Go off, doll.

Other folks jumped to the gal’s defence, sharing footage which showed the photo Latto posted was just a weirdly edited shot.

In other Coachella news, Frank Ocean‘s set was a bit of a shitshow, with the bloke reportedly rocking up more than an hour late and lip syncing some of his songs.

Sounds like he was a bit … lost! Ha ha! Just kidding, j’adore you Frank Ocean.