Your Local Laneway Festival Is Being Blessed With A Full-On Block Party

Laneway Festival is pretty bloody swell, but do ya sometimes miss the early days? When it was in an actual laneway? Well, you’re in luck – this year, your mates at Laneway are bringing that vibe back to the forefront with BLOCK PARTY.

BLOCK PARTY is a brand new addition to the Laneway festivities, organised in conjunction with Red Bull Music and I OH YOU which will be held at the SydneyMelbourneFremantle and Brisbane legs of the festival. It’ll take the form of a mad street party right in the middle of the festival proper – a homage to Laneway’s roots in Melbourne’s Caledonian Lane, circa 2004.

Laneway co-founder Danny Rogers says they really wanted to capture that spirit:

There was such a creative, magic feeling at the original Laneway Festivals. I think it was because of the spontaneity they had. I wanted to recreate that same feeling at the 2018 event and this idea just made total sense. We booked the line-up over three days and it came together perfectly. I was already very excited for this year’s Laneway, but BLOCK PARTY turns things up to a whole new level.

And if you were labouring under the absurd assumption that Laneway weren’t going to ensure a lineup of sick local acts to keep the party going, then you’re a damn fool. Here’s what’s lined up in your city:

Basenji – Haiku Hands – Jesswar – Lucy Cliche – Otologic – UV boi – Willaris. K

Andy Garvey – Basenji – B Wise – Haiku Hands – Jesswar – Wiki – Willaris. K

Basenji – Dameeeela – Haiku Hands – Jesswar – UV boi – Wiki – Willaris. K

CC:DISCO! – Feels – Jesswar – Kevin Parker (DJ set) – Reef Prince – Wiki

Looks like it’ll be a sick one. If you haven’t yet scooped up tix for Laneway, you can do so HERE.