Laneway 2017 Just Got Even Yuger With Young Thug Added To The Lineup

Laneway sits in a nice little festival niche, with a good mix of big name acts and cult favourites from Australia and overseas, across a bunch of genres, and at a size that means it’s not a huge, annoying pain in the ass to get into, get around and get near acts. It’s one of the few really good festivals now that it seems like they’re all very quickly dying off.
The 2017 lineup is looking fucking spectacular, with extremely chillaxed favourites Tame Impala appearing alongside Gang Of Youths, Jagwar Ma, Nick Murphy, Luca Brasi and a whole bunch of others.
While, unfortunately, the riot grrrl legend Kathleen Hanna-fronted The Julie Ruin had to drop out for medical reasons, the late additions to the lineup have been bloody marvellous, with D.D Dumbo added by co-founder Jerome Borazio because he loved his latest record so much, and *drum roll* Young Thug added to the lineup just tonight.
Borazio said that they were so impressed by his work ethic and the quality of his work that when the opportunity came up, they couldn’t go past snatching him up. There’ll be no sideshows so better get those tixxx if you haven’t already.
Should be a bloody ripper of a time, here’s something to fill in the wait until January:
Photo: Young Thug.