In what seems like a very natural progression of her career, Lana Del Rey is in the process of producing and publishing a book of poetry, which you’ll be able to pick up for a very tidy sum of $1 ($1.43 in Aussie dollars).

After dropping the first hints about the book late last year, Lana Del Rey confirmed on Instagram that her upcoming debut book of poetry and prose, Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass, is in the process of being bound, and should be ready to be in our hot little hands “in a few months.

Sorry, but does this mean it’s going to be hand-bound? This is the most DIY sad girl thing I’ve ever heard and I’m thoroughly here for it.

When a fan asked her how much it’ll set everyone back, the NYC-born singer/songwriter/producer/poet replied that they’d be going for $1USD, “because my thoughts are priceless.” Well, THAT’S a hell of a mood, let me tell you right now.

It might be the first confirmation that we’ve seen of the book being an actual real, tangible thing that could very well be sitting on bookshelves/artfully posted on Instagram accounts of thousands soon, but it’s not the first we’ve seen of Lana’s poetry prowess.

She’s been sharing excerpts from Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass on her Instagram for a minute, showing that her prose range goes from haikus to free-form. The girl’s got RANGE, people. Step aside, Rupi Kaur.

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Quiet Waiter-Blue Forever

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a poem from my book….

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Though it’s not confirmed how exactly we’re going to be able to get Lana Del Rey’s published works onto our bookshelves and bedside tables just yet, she’s also done a call out to “mom & pop” book stores in Southern California and San Francisco to stock the book, so I expect she’ll be opting for independent retailers.

Keep your eyes peeled, and get ready for Lana Del Rey’s famed feels-heavy vibes to become a physical, tangible thing really bloody soon.

Image: Getty Images / Michael Tran