Lana Del Rey has teamed up with Jack Antonoff, AKA. Lorde’s Melodrama co-creator, for a new soulful croon – “Mariners Apartment Complex”. This is Lana’s latest release since her 5th studio album Lust for Life last year, yet this latest creation showcases Lana with a stripped-back sound that is slightly reminiscent of her Ultraviolence days.

A few days ago, Lana took to her Instagram to inform her followers she’d be dropping a second track a couple days after “Mariners Apartment Complex”. “Two end of summer jams out for ya next week,” she captioned the flick, wearing an aptly-titled “VENICE BITCH” tee.

A lot of rumours are floating around on the web in relation to Lana’s upcoming album, aside from the confirmed facts that it’s being created alongside Antonoff and that it’s inspired by Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Apparently, the 6th album will also experiment with ‘surfy’ sounds and electric guitar. Screaming.

Speaking to BBC Radio, Lana shared that she’d probably be releasing the album early next year, as she’s currently working on a book of poetry. “We have a collection of songs that I’ve sequenced and I really love. I don’t think it’ll be out until the top of next year just because I actually am working on a little book of poetry. I think I’m just going to self-publish it and put it out beforehand.”

Check out the video below, and prepare to fall back in love with that cashier you locked eyes with that one time three years ago.

It may be marketed as end of summer bops for those in the States, but us Aussies can be just as moody and ominous in the Spring.

Image: Youtube / Lana Del Rey