Lana Del Rey Hits Back at Frances Bean Cobain for Hitting Out at Lana Del Rey

Yesterday, Frances Bean Cobain gently but firmly had some words with Lana Del Rey, explaining that, as someone whose own rock star dad died way too young, death is not something to be romanticised or celebrated.

It was the latest salvo in an ongoing skirmish involving Lana Del Rey, who told a Guardian journalist she sometimes wished she was dead, before thinking better of it, and trying to qualify her remarks. 

Today, in a new twist on the story, Lana Del Rey has hit back at Frances Cobain for hitting out at Lana Del Rey for hitting out at The Guardian for hitting out at Lana Del Rey for hitting out at The Guardian.

Del Rey responded to Cobain in a pair of fairly calm and level-headed Tweets, explaining her side of the story.

At this point, Sinead O’Connor is probably furious that nobody invited her to weigh in on the subject of dead rock stars, so you can expect a rambling 80-page open letter from her to arrive some time tomorrow.

Picture: Katie Stratton via Getty Images