We’re a few years into Lana Del Rey’s career, and she’s absolutely nailed her vibe. Each track exhibits a gauzey mix of disaffection, romance, danger, and a healthy dose of 1950s revivalism. 

Her tunes are the perfect soundtrack for staring blankly out of kitchen windows, contemplating leaving your long-term partner, and finding yourself unable to articulate why. 

Lana Del Rey’s latest effort Love adds a new element to that hyper-emotional oeuvre: a healthy appreciation for your aunt’s chill out fav, Enya.

In her first solo tune since 2015’s Honeymoon, Lana Del Rey finds herself steeped in reverb-drenched guitars and echoing drums that the Irish legend herself would probably repurpose for a tune about Celtic folklore. 

Sure, Enya probably wouldn’t include the sound of a cocking gun in her chorus, but hey. Sail away, right here:



Source: Lana Del Rey / YouTube.