Ladyhawke – Modular’s Marketing Queen

I’m a cute New Zealand gal; I sing, I’m signed to Modular, I have my own tea towel, I have my own arcade game, I got cute bangs and people say I bite songs from the likes of Gary Numan and Fleetwood Mac… Who am I?

I’m Ladyhawke, sister!

Did you know I’m giving away special Ladyhawke tea towels for free @ selected “indie” stores in the U.K. And the best part is you don’t even need to purchase anything either… I bet you didn’t.

When I’m on the road and feeling down and out because I don’t have my beloved PS3 with me, you know what I reach for? My laptop, you know why? Because I have MY OWN arcade game silly! It’s not restricted to just me though, so you’re allowed to play it.

Man! I hope all this abstract inadvertent marketing makes you buy my album. It comes out on the 13th of September, maybe buy my “Paris Is Burning” single out on August 23rd as well, ok?