Lady Gaga Just Said She Doesn’t Remember ‘Artpop’ & Stan Twitter Is Melting

It’s no secret that many found Lady Gaga’s third studio album Artpop to be a huge disappointment. It was obviously a mammoth task to follow in the footsteps of The Fame, The Fame Monster and Born This Way. Subsequently, a huge part of the fanbase felt as though Artpop failed to create the same impact as its predecessors. (Despite this, it still reached #1 on the Billboard charts, so like, let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.)

Anyway, since its release in 2013, Gaga’s monsters have been divided – was Artpop ahead of its time and grossly underrated or just, you know, a flop?

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Well, Gaga herself set Twitter ablaze yesterday by claiming that she doesn’t remember Artpop. YIKES.

This is definitely a different tune to the Gaga of yester-year.

And some of us were rightly salty at her for it.

Check out some of the best reactions to Gaga’s shade:

In my humble opinion, tracks like ‘Aura’, ‘G.U.Y.’, ‘Swine’ and ‘Donatella’ still fucking slap, so can we please stop pitting albums against each other and instead love them all like our own blessed children? Can’t we all just bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy? It’s what the Gay Gods™ would want.