The Lady Gaga comic book: where nerds with high math scores meets latex and crotchless panties! Generalisation, much? The comic world will become one with the Haus of Gaga on May 26th when a new graphic text about Lady Gaga hits news stands. Oh my: could this clashing of worlds be a match made in heaven – or a bad romance?
Wow. That just happened.
The comic titled FAME: Lady Gaga will explore Gaga’s journey towards stardom and her life as the world’s Queen of Pop.
According to MTV, Bluewater Productions will be releasing a whole line of comic books titled ‘FAME’ which will feature other important pop-culture icons such as Robert Pattinson, David Beckham and Taylor Swift, and after being labeled MTV’s Woman of the Year it’s no surprise that the Lady is the first to grace the cover.
Check out this preview of the comic:

Hang on a sec, is this comic about Lady Gaga or Janice from The Muppets?