Target Accidentally Leaked Lady Gaga’s Top Secret Collabs After Forgetting She Delayed Album

At long last, the tracklist for Lady Gaga’s long-awaited sixth album Chromatica has dropped and no, it’s not a sweet gift from Mother Monster to aid us in this trying time.

In fact, it wasn’t her intention to release the info at all.

Turns out some bumbling fool over at forgot that the singer had delayed her album release and they went ahead and shared the tracklist on their site. Whoopsie-doodle.

Sucks for them as they’ll probably be receiving a stern email from Gaga’s people shortly, but EXCELLENT news for us ‘coz according to the tracklist, there are three epic collabs on the album.

Fans can expect a duet with Ariana Grande (!), BLACKPINK (!!) and Elton John (!!!).

Ari and Gaga have been mates for a while now so this was only a matter of time. Their track together is called ‘Rain On Me’, while BLACKPINK and Elton are part of the tenth and fourteenth tracks, called ‘Sour Candy’ and ‘Sine From Above’, respectively.

Following the leak, Gaga went ahead and posted the tracklist on her Instagram ‘coz, well, she may as fucken’ well at this point:

Details about the album have been promptly removed from the website, presumably due to the aforementioned stern email that is likely in the Target inbox right now.

All that’s remaining on-site is the ~temporary artwork~ (girl, please) and the price.

Anyway, Chromatica is expected to be officially released later this year, so hold on to your pink cowboy hats.