Kylie Minogue to Star Alongside The Rock in 3D Disaster Movie

Australia’s own Kylie Minogue has been trying to crack the US market forever. She failed to do it by means of her last album, which was released under the management of Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation but still didn’t make much of an impression, so she’s decided to give acting another try. It was announced earlier today that the singer has signed on to star in a “3D disaster movie” called San Andreas, alongside Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

Though the movie is (we assume) about the San Andreas Fault cracking and a large chunk of California sliding into the ocean, it’s actually being filmed here in Australia. The Rock plays a helicopter pilot trying to rescue his daughter in San Francisco, because of course he does. There’s no word on who Kylie will play, but we’re assuming it’s either a woman whose tiny dog gets swallowed up by the fault line, or a sexy lab coat-wearing seismologist who whips off her glasses and lets her hair down at some point.

Kylie Minogue’s IMDB is a fascinating mix of highs and lows, from the critically-despised but actually somewhat fun 1994 film Street Fighter, to The Green Fairy in Baz Luhrmann‘s headache-inducing Moulin Rouge. For right now, though, she’s keeping busy in her role as the randiest coach on The Voice Australia.
via News Limited
Photo: Tim P Whitby via Getty Images