Kylie Minogue’s Gone Full Yee-Haw-Country In New Album

Pop queen and just queen of everything, Kylie Minogue unleashed her 14th studio album last night and though people are super excited for some more bops,  fans are just a tad confused by the (reverse) Swift change. Our beloved creator of all those 00s school-disco bops has completely reinvented herself with a brand spankin’ new country album.

BUT, it’s still Kylie’s music – just dipped in some ice tea.

Although if you’re following Kylie on Instagram, you would’ve seen the change coming from a mile away. It started with the classic fringe before evolving into bell bottom jeans.

Golden is the title of the album and it’s packed with 16 songs – mostly love songs with lyrics of vintage Kylie so prepare to feel a little emotional here and there.

One song’s called Rollin’ and it’s like an odd mix of The Paper Kites and Kylie pop. You can check it out below.

Anddd to match her country vibes, Kylie’s even looking the country part.

No really, look.

Goodbye glitter, hello double denim. It all feels very Nashville. 

Of course, Twitter has a lot of opinions about this but for the most part people really love the new sound.

While on the other side, people just ain’t feeling the new tunes.

Rude. Lady Gaga’s Joanne is a fab album.

Keeping it old-school in one way, you can grab Kylie’s new album at JB Hi-Fi, Sanity or you can hit up Spotify, iTunes, or even Youtube. 

You can learn more about the album HERE.

And here’s another lil’ track to have fun with.

This tune is called Shelby ’68 and low-key Taylor Swift in every aspect.

Although since one of those tweets brought up the whole pop-to-country artist change, Kylie’s new phase is still better than when Justin Timberlake went weirdly-let’s-cut-some-wood in nature vibes with his 2018 album, Man of the Woods and posted all those really moody nature pics on his social media.