Kylie Jenner’s Rap Debut With Lil’ Yachty Is So Very Terrible It Hurts

Oh Christ – look, we’ll be honest. If you have even the most slight inkling of disdain or tempestuous hatred towards the Kardashian clan and any of their constituents, we’d strongly advise you bail from this article right here and now. Seriously. It’s for your own benefit. 
If you’re a mad Kylie Jenner fan however, you’ll be happy to know that despite her claims never to move into music, she has debuted her voice on a track. 
Burberry Perry has dropped a track that features new Kanye West favourite Lil’ Yachty — and Kylie. 
While Yachty has a major role in the track, which repetitively samples the ‘Mr. Rogers’ Neighbourhood’ theme song, Kylie only has a minor role. Very minor. 
You hear her from 2:48, saying Jordyn, come on, I’ve never been on a song before! This is a fucking—”, before adding to the melody with her own extremely auto-tuned, synthy rendition of the childhood fave theme.
Listen, if you dare:
It is truly terrible and oh god we are so sorry. Pls don’t hurt us. Okay bye. 
Source: Soundcloud
Photo: Instagram