Some Lucky Rich Fuck Just Forked Out $489k For Kurt Cobain’s Unwashed ‘Unplugged’ Cardigan

Kurt Cobain cardigan.

It’s hard to know what Kurt Cobain would think about someone buying one of his old cardigans for just shy of $500,000, but then who’s to say that it would have sold for that amount if he was still alive to tell us what he thought.

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Nevertheless, the iconic cardigan that Cobain wore in Nirvana’s also iconic MTV Unplugged set has sold at auction for an eye-watering $489,000, reportedly the most expensive cardigan sold in history — although I cannot imagine who has been keeping track of exactly this. The cardigan, completely unwashed since its last use, sold previously in 2015 for a comparatively measly $206,000.

The cardigan was put up for auction at New York’s Hard Rock Cafe over the weekend, although it was sold to an anonymous phone bidder according to Bloomberg.

Julien’s Auctions has sold a mind-boggling amount of things either owned or touched by Cobain over the years — everything from the title certificate of his car  ($940) to a full-sized park bench signed by Nirvana that was located near Cobain’s house ($15,000).

Cobain’s custom left-handed sky blue Fender Mustang sold in the same auction for a similarly gasp-inducing $498,000. Hopefully, it is making some obscenely, unforgivably rich person very happy each time they walk into their pool room and see it on the wall.