Kitsune Maison 8 Winner

Earlier this year Pedestrian launched the greatest competition of all time, the chance to have your penciled visage on the cover of Kitsuné Maison 8.

An astounding number of entries were sent, relayed to Kitsune head honchos Gildas and Masaya and a winner was chosen. So if that’s your face above and your name is Eric Reidenbach A) You look like a pretty serious guy and B) You have just won Pedestrian’s Kitsune Maison 8 competition! Your mug will grace the newest Kitsune Maison compilation alongside the likes of Digitalism, Hot Chip, Metronomy and Tom Vek.

Congratulations to Eric. Kitsuné Maison 8 will be out November 13 on etcetc, the tracklisting is as follows:

1. French Horn Rebellion – Up All Night
2. The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing
3. Siriusmo – High Together
4. Le Corps Mince de Fran̤oise РSomething Golden *
5. Midnight Juggernauts – This New Technology.
6. Heartsrevolution – Dance Till Dawn *
7. Logo – Junocide
8. Two Door Cinema Club – I Can Talk (Moulinex Remix) **
9. Slagsm̴lsklubben РBrutal Weapons *
10. Beni – Maximus (Harvard Bass Remix)*
11. AMWE – Friction Between The Lovers.
12. Jolie Cherie – Star
13. Chew Lips – Salt Air (Alex Kapranos Remix) *
14. Delphic – This Momentary **
15. Memory Tapes – Bicycle.
16. Parallels – Find the Fire.
17. Nottee – Control.
19. Crystal Fighters – I Love London *
20. My Tiger My Timing – I Am The Sound.