Well then.

Australian musician and latter-day meme Kirin J Callinan has been soundly criticised for using his time on the ARIA Awards red carpet to flash his penis at the press – an act which would, in any other circumstance, be instantly classified as illegal pestery.

Taking to the music industry awards ceremony while wearing a cowboy hat and matching boots, the singer and guitarist lifted his kilt to display his genitalia for a solid couple of seconds.

As you’d reasonably expect, the display has resulted in a raft of criticism, and those subjected to news of the flashing have questioned if the Big Enough performer could be held criminally liable for the incident.

Channel Nine’s The Fix points out that indecent exposure is a criminal offence in New South Wales, which can carry a penalty of six months behind bars and a $610 fine.

Others have criticised the performer’s perceived license to flash unwilling folk as a valid part of his provocative, ironic artistic persona.

News Corp journo Eliza Barr has also questioned whether or not Callinan should remain on festival line-ups after the stunt, days after he was added to nearly every date of the 2018 Laneway Festival.

More broadly, punters have ragged on the former Mercy Arms guitarist.

Callinan was perhaps best known to a mainstream audience due to his collaboration with Jimmy Barnes on Big Enough, and the song’s subsequent rinsing by Jimmy Fallon.

Source: News.com.au
Image: Lisa Maree Williams / Getty