Kira Puru Somehow Makes Katy Perry Even More Of A Bop For ‘Like A Version’

Going to throw out a firm opinion here: the best triple j Like A Versions are when Aussie musos take on the poppiest of pop songs, the bubblegum tracks you guiltily listen to at 2am at a house party when everyone is already incredibly drunk. They make them into songs you can listen to before 2am, without having to pretend it’s ironic (it isn’t).

A fucking solid pop song like Katy Perry‘s ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)‘ is a thing of beauty, it’s pure, and you have nothing to be ashamed about for dancing to it on tabletops.

Melbourne‘s Kira Puru has brought a goth disco twist to it this week, and we’re better people for having heard it. She’s ramped up the bass-driven groove and given the melody and the frankly hell funny lyrics a lot of room to breathe by slowing them down just a touch and removing some of the OG song’s clutter.

Issa bop, what more can we say?

Kira Puru hits up all Listen Out dates at the end of September, before kicking off her national ‘Fly‘ tour in late November, taking in Brissie, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Need another jam to tide you over? At the beginning of the month she released the video clip to her single ‘Molotov‘ where she really maxes out the potential of a green screen – it’s a treat. Treat yourself, it’s almost the weekend after all.