Except for maybe Andy Richter, few careers are as indebted to collaboration as Kimbra’s so it’s no surprise that the Kiwi pop sprite has tapped some high profile talent for the reworked global release of her debut album Vows. Currently in Austin, Texas for the week-long SXSW conference, Kimbra has spent some of her time in the US working with the likes of Foster The People’s Mark Foster, soul singer John Legend, players from The Mars Volta and Herbie Hancock’s band and producers who’ve worked with The Flaming Lips, Dr. Dre and Fiona Apple.

“I’ve been in LA for the past week working on a song with Mark Foster from Foster The People she told us today. “We’re doing a song together for the Converse collaboration and it’s sounding really awesome.”

But that’s not all…especially now people know who she is!

“I guess now that I’m slightly more known in America it’s opened up a whole lot of opportunities with some awesome producers to work with… people like Greg Kurstin who’s worked for Foster The People and Flaming Lips. Also working with musicians like the drummer from The Mars Volta [Deantoni Parks] and all these crazy musicians that I’ve looked up to…Mike Elizondo who’s probably best known for his work with Dr. Dre and Fiona Apple, he worked on her record ‘Extraordinary Machine’. Also Keefus Greene who’s worked with Mike Patton, I’ve done a few tracks with him. I wrote a song with John Legend that’s not finished yet and it won’t be going on the album but it was really cool to work with him. Herbie Hancock’s drummer came on board, there’s just been so many people involved with these new songs.”

The US version of ‘Vows’ drops May 22nd. Kimbra tours nationally in May.