Kim, Thurston And Yoko Form Trio

Considering they know just about everything SY-related (including what Kim and Thurston ate for breakfast!!!) Sonic Youth fans will already be aware of Thurston Moore’s recently launched blogged Flowers And Cream.

If you haven’t checked it out we highly recommend a peek. Aside from textual delights such as teenage-era poetry and a passionate review of Iggy and The Stooges’ “Raw Power” Thurston be dropping mad bombs. News bombs.

In fact the bomb-ness of Thuston’s statements are only matched by his brevity. For example in a post titled “in silver rain with a paper key” Thurston reveals “new solo lp/book this fall” like releasing a new solo book and LP is the exact same thing as buying a new cardigan at Topshop.

Likewise the post before it, titled “mirror dash/ono”, is just as brief and matter-of-fact: “kim and i will be recording a trio LP w/ yoko this year, with blindfolds”. It’s exciting news and the blindfolds bit is kinda weird plus we know the union will produce beautiful, challenging and haunting music but seriously Thurston – you need to enroll into “All-Caps and Superfluous Punctuation (Majoring in Exclamation Points)” at the Kanye West school of excitable blogging.

Via 24 Bit