Kim Gordon’s Mirror/Dash

“I’m Kim Gordon and I play in a band called Sonic Youth” says the iconic musician, like she needs any introduction. Quite aware of the ridiculousness of such a statement Gordon follows with an endearing “that was so awkward” then “Teenage Riot” kicks in and I no longer care that she’s collaborating with retailer Urban Outfitters because a) The woman is infallible and b) She has more creativity dwelling in one hand then most of us do in our entire bodies.

Explains Urban Outfitters of the collaboration: “Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth is well known for experimentation and creativity through her music and visual art. Gordon directs her talents towards her newest project Mirror/Dash, designed exclusively for Urban Outfitters. The line’s name carries over from Gordon’s musical side project with partner Thurston Moore.”

Check out the behind the scenes video and looks from the collection below…

Check out the video here

Urban Outfitters via Refinery 29

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