Killer Mikewhose many talents include running jewels and, in all honestly, probably not killing – has been giving a series of lectures at American universities on race relations.

This particular talk was held at MIT and featured Mr. Killer Mike née Michael Render speaking on “his personal drug use, being honest with his fans, not being mad at Kanye West, and understanding Iggy Azalea.” For this portion of the evening he touched on cultural appropriation and the groundswell of anger currently directed at Iggy Azalea. Then it came to Tkay Maidza, who he noted is killing it and “can dance her ass off”, and he explained how she is a truer representation of modern Australian hip-hop.

We spoke to Tkay about the video, mostly because any excuse to interact with her and we’ll take it, and she said:

“I met Killer Mike briefly at Falls Festival and he’s given me shout-outs in other interviews and on Twitter and stuff. It’s really cool that he still remembers me and is vibing.”

Killer Mike Gave Lecture On Race, Brought Up Iggy Azalea And Tkay Maidza!

Title image via Getty by Karl Walter.