Kid Cudi, Ratatat & MGMT Pursue Happiness

If your track’s called “Pursuit Of Happiness” you best have a hedonistic, slow-mo party clip where popping champagne bottles, girls, confetti and streamers co-exist in the nicest bar you’ve never been allowed to sully with your dirty-ass sneakers and crumpled five dollar bills.

Kid Cudi knows this. He also knows that the last minute of said film clip has to include a “come down” scene so the kids learn that partying is not without its consequences. Chief among them being headaches, raging alcoholism and venereal diseases, but mainly headaches because that’s the most immediate and easiest to convey with askew camera angles.

Unfortunately MGMT and Ratatat aren’t chilling in the back with their bitches and brew hamming it up for the camera but you know, that would just be awkward.