Kesha remains defiant in her legal battle against former mentor and accused sexual predator Dr. Luke, telling a cheering crowd in New York that the ‘Tik Tok‘ producer “fucked with the wrong woman.”

The singer has been embroiled in a battle with Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald, since 2014, when she alleged that his sustained emotional and sexual abuse led her to develop an eating disorder, requiring her to go to rehab. 

In August of this year, Kesha dropped a suit that she had filed against Gottwald in California, but continues to fight one in New York. During her recent Brooklyn show, the singer effusively thanked fans for their support. 

Per reports in Page Six, the told the audience of 1000:

“I honestly don’t know if I would have made it the past few years without you guys. Some of you may know I’m in a lawsuit. Thank you for standing by me. I think that there’s some people that were thinking I’ll just sit around waiting to die. That somebody fucked with the wrong woman!”

Video from the event shows the crowd chanting “FREE KESHA!”, and one fan who as present told Page Six that the cheers appeared to go on for “20 minutes straight.” 

Contractual wrangling still prevents Kesha from releasing music under the name for which she’s best known, and on that note, she told the crowd:

“I could not do this without you, so fucking thank you. I can’t share my new music with you. Keep praying, someday it will come. I can’t wait for that. No one can own you. Because to truly own you means to own your happiness. No one can own your fucking happiness. Promise me you will never let them take that from you. Ain’t nobody got time for hate. Always have hope in your heart. I do!”

Source: Page Six.

Photo: Jennifer Greylock / Getty.