Kendrick Claims 100s Of Unreleased Tracks Are Trapped On Broken Hard Drives

Kendrick Lamar has four studio albums, compilation record untitled unmastered., and a massive list of features to his name. Now, the rapper has revealed that number could be a hell of a lot higher, ’cause “about 500” of his unreleased tracks are locked away on busted hard drives.

Speaking to radio show Big Boy’s Neighbourhood on Los Angeles station Real 92.3, he claimed “I done lost hard drives.

“Hard drives from ’05, ’06 that we never got back. We took it all the way to San Francisco to get it fixed. Never got fixed.”
When asked if there was any hope for those tracks being restored, old mate admitted “we’re praying to God it’ll come back to life one day.” 

Big Boy said he might just know someone who could retrieve the tracks, and half-jokingly asked if Lamar would put on a free show as recompense. The artist seemed pretty serious about it, though: hell yeah, he’d do it. 

All of this means that there’s a trove of tracks back from his days performing as K-Dot, just lurking around on a few borked computers. That’s on top of the “thousands” of unreleased tracks he has stashed on other hard drives, paper, and in his prolific noggin.

That was only one part of a pretty in-depth chat, which also touched on his status as one of the greatest rappers of all time. Still, if you’re just busting to hear about the hard drives, tune in from 18:12.
Source and photo: BigBoyTV / YouTube.