Do Yourself A Favour & Watch Keith Urban “Fully Winging” A Cover Of Taylor Swift’s ‘Lover’

Umm… Keith Urban just performed an improvised cover of Taylor Swift’s “Lover” and honestly, I can’t handle this.

At his recent concert in Washington, Urban performed an unpolished cover of Swift’s hit track, pointing out that he and the band hadn’t practiced the song before the show. Talk about ballsy.

“Every now and then you hear a song that you love and wish you’d written,”  he captioned the Instagram video.

First of all, can we appreciate that this is him “fully winging” it?

Not sure how Keith Urban and Taylor became besties, but apparently they’ve been pals for over 10 years and frequently support each other by attending, and sometimes performing at each other’s shows. An unlikely, but amazing friendship. Talk about southern hospitality!

They even gave fans a once-in-a-lifetime show in 2009 when Swift appeared on stage at an Urban concert dressed as a member of KISS.

Swift, who was in the crowd, shared an Instagram story of the cover.

“Keith Urban covering ‘Lover’ flawlessly,” she said. “I am screaming. This is so beautiful.”

If that doesn’t warm your heart up to a piping hot 85 degrees, maybe their adorable Twitter friendship will.

The entertainment industry is filled with so much hatred and bitchiness, it’s just nice to see two A-listers showing each other some love.

Swift’s seventh album, Lover was released on August 23, and it’s already copping covers from the likes of Aussie-by-association, Keith Urban. The album is expected to hit N0. 1 on the charts, to bring the running tally to a whopping SIX number one albums. 6/7 is a pretty good effort if you ask me.