The wait is over…Katy Perry has finally shared her opinion on the current state of Australian federal politics.

Appearing today on 2DayFM’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show, the progressive Californian singer-songwriter fielded questions provided by various “Australian celebrities” including gaffe-prone opposition leader and self-confessed Katy Perry fan (debatable), Tony Abbott, who the outspoken same-sex marriage proponent and Grammy nominated human being decided to take out the back and bash repeatedly in the kneecap with a crowbar.

The ambushed opposition leader could be forgiven for assuming the most GIF-able artist of our time would lob a small volley of sugar-coated nerf balls in his direction, but was met instead with hostility when his desperate attempts to ingratiate himself to Katy Perry question as to whether or not the singer would be returning to tour the country anytime soon was met with criticism of his draconian gay marriage stance.  

“My daughters think you’re the most wonderful singer,” Mr Abbott said. “I’m very happy to take a bit of time off the election to ask the big question…when are you coming back, we need you, we want you. When are you coming back?”

Perry was having none of it.

“Come on that’s not a political question,” she said. “Let’s talk about gay marriage.” 

“Now you’re interviewing me Katy,” he replied.

“Yeah buddy, that’s right,” she responded. “Love is equal.”

And then, “Well I love you as a human being, but I can’t give you my vote then. I still want to meet your daughters.” 

“My daughters are fabulous and they would be so excited to meet you, they are desperate to have you,” he replied. “I was introduced to one of your numbers, “Hot and Cold”, and I thought, maybe that can be my anthem.”

Then Perry was all like…

Yeah nah mate.

“I don’t know if that’s the best song we can pick for a politician,” she said. “Let me just say I will be in Australia very soon, let’s just say I will be in Australia this year.”  

This has been that one time Katy Perry interviewed Tony Abbott and won.

Listen to the whole thing below…