Known attention-seeker Katy Perry is live streaming her whole damn weekend right now, so you can WITNESS her day-to-day existence as she promotes her new album of the same name. 

The whole Witness campaign has been fraught with questionable decisions and failed publicity stunts, from Katy’s performance art prank to her attempt to revive an ancient beef with Taylor Swift

As we speak, a camera crew is following Katy around a house (possibly hers, possibly not) and capturing her every mundane moment. On one level, the Witness World Wide live stream has me like …

Katy Perry Is Livestreaming Her Whole Damn Weekend & We’re Here For It

… but on another, it’s totally bloody riveting and I can NOT look away, so I’ll probs be cancelling the whole rest of my weekend to tune in and see what happens. 

Perry, who will be shown eating, sleeping and hanging out with celebrity pals over the course of the weekend, has described the stunt as her “rebirth on the internet”. 

Since we tuned in about half an hour ago, Katy has given Gordon Ramsay a tour of her house, and dropped the phrase “my new album Witness” no fewer than once every thirty seconds. 

The two are currently having a cooking lesson, where Katy is attempting to spiralize a zucchini (the most phallic of vegetables) and making lots of uncomfortable ball jokes. The best things we’ve overheard include:

– “I love sleeping, sleeping is so important!”

– “I’m a middle child and a Scorpio so I’ll always want attention.”

– “That is quinoa! It’s a protein!”

– “What’s a stick blender?”

– “I’m happy to eat these balls.”

Get amongst it:

Source: YouTube.

Photo: YouTube.