Katy Perry Hearts Gotye, Kimb(r)a

Gotye has been given an unlikely international boost in the form of Katy Perry, who not only decided that she loves his chart-topping single ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’, but went and bought his new record as well.

Perry, not a big deal right? Wrong. As you will recall, this is the woman who edged out The King Of Pop for the longest reign at the top of the Billboard Charts earlier this year. Despite mispelling Kimbra’s name (it’s OK, Perez Hilton always gets it right), it’s clear that Katy’s a fan, and with nearly 10 million of her own on Twitter alone, that’s a lot more potential cashola for Wally De Backer.

Meanwhile, local music journalist Jason Treuen has been first off the blocks with his depiction of what a ‘Gotye ft. Kimba‘ video clip would look like:

We now have both ‘Gotye’ and ‘Kimbra’ saved on our clipboard to save time in the inevitable next instance of either of them killing it. Don’t forget, you can stream the latter’s record, out this week, right here on Pedestrian.