Kasey Chambers Used Her ARIA Hall Of Fame Win To Tell Us All “Don’t Be Dickheads”

Kasey Chambers ARIAs Speech

Kasey Chambers is an angel sent straight from heaven and the hero we do not deserve. Australia loves her and always has, and because of this, the country music ledge picked up the ARIA Hall Of Fame Award tonight.

[jwplayer 7I3SScBY]

After a banger performance of her massive crossover hit, Not Pretty Enough, sung by Kate Miller-Heidke, Missy Higgins and Amy Sheppard and then Kasey herself belting out a tune, Paul Kelly then presented Kasey with her gong (after reading out a beaut poem he wrote for her).

Then Kasey took the mic, and bless her heart she’s a true blue, fair dinkum Aussie gal. She thanked the many people who had influenced her career, and had special words for her parents who she called the most “inspirational people” she’s ever met.

She shared with everyone her dad’s wise words of advice, which was quite simply: “One time he said to me… don’t be a dickhead”.

Laughing, Kase added:

I know it doesn’t sound very profound, but it’s actually been the best advice to follow. Seriously, you don’t need to be a dickhead to get ahead in this business. You don’t have to drag other people down in order to get to the top.

But towards the end of her speech she shouted out her three kids Talon, Arlo and Poet, passing on the same advice to them: “Just try to do your own thing and don’t be a dickhead about it.”

It’s simple, it’s coarse and maybe it’s because I’m from Newcastle and two wines deep but I bloody love it. Who needs the sage words of Oprah when you’ve got Kasey? Words to live by, imo.

Check out the entire, inspiring speech below. Seriously, it’ll get you through the rest of 2018.