Karl Lagerfeld Bestows Passionate Blessing On Lorde

In a master class delivered to Paris’ Sciences Po University, Karl Lagerfeld revealed that the tragedy of his life is that “I can’t play the piano. I would have loved to. I love music.” 
Karl being human, though prone to emitting sub-human soundbites that demonstrate an absence of any and all self-awareness and empathy, also revealed that his “passion at the moment is” your passion at the moment and also that of every tween the world over: “Lorde, a 16-year-old. She sung for something we had. Also, I love classical music.” 
That “something we had”, presumably, being the Museum of Modern Art’s annual benefit paying tribute to Tilda Swinton on her fifty-third birthday, at which Teenager Of The Year Lorde – dressed in Chanel, obviously – casually rubbed shoulders with David Bowie and was photobombed by Sofia Coppola. Behold.

via The Cut

Photo: Rob Kim via Getty, Purple