It has only been a week – well, six days – since Karise Eden, the Joplin-esque Voice of Australia, took that exact title. Not content with breaking the hearts of everyone, Karise has also broken, or matched, a record held by The Fab Four since 1964 after taking the top three places (not including another five spots) on the top 40 Australian singles charts according to ARIA.

Eden’s title-clinching performance of Stay With Me, originally performed by Lorraine Ellison and recently revived by Duffy, is the number one single on the charts, followed by her covers of both Hallelujah and I Was Your Girl.

Flame-haired fourth-placer, Sarah De Bono’s tactless feel-good teen outpouring of emotion, Beautiful, comes in at no. 4 (funny that?), and Karise’s official debut single You Won’t Let Me, is charting in at five. Darren Percival, who is now trying to silence this god-awful hip-hop track he appeared on called Slap & Tickle from surfacing with legal action (“slap a little more meat in your bun“), has entered the charts at eight with Damage Down. No word from Rachael Leahcar.

In other awesome news, Call Me Maybe is still in the Top 10!

Photo of Karise by Ryan Pierse via Getty. Photoshop skills by me.