Kanye West Tweeted About Bill Cosby And The Internet Is Melting Down

Hooooooooo boy. Kanye West is on the internet in a big way.

Yeezy’s been having himself an absolute fucking field day on Twitter across the past day or so.
It all started yesterday when he tapped into DIY culture and corrected people on a thing none of us thought people were getting wrong in the first place.

After that came the likely prospect of West changing the title of his album again.

But over the last three hours or so? Yeah, old mate’s well and truly taken the handbrake off.

First came the rubbishing of the rumour that Kylie Jenner had signed a deal with PUMA to become the new face of the brand.

Then came the legitimately surprising revelation that West apparently has trouble understand how questions are structured.

Following that, he apologised to Michael Jordan because shoes…

…which was followed up later by praising Nike‘s work…

…and throwing more shade at Puma.

But the crowning cap in this particular little online session, was this. The coup de grâce.

And it was at this point that fellow online denizens boldly declared in one voice, “NUP. WE DONE.

And if that weren’t enough as it is, Yeezy then posted this miscellaneous nonsense…

…which name-checks Hulk Hogan, a man embroiled in a racism controversy so savage that the WWE has just about retconned all mention of him into oblivion.

Ye. M8. Maybe… I dunno… Maybe log off. Just for a little bit. Take a few deep breaths.
Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty.