Kanye West Sued Over Voice Sample In ‘Bound 2’

Christmas spirit brought a bitter aftertaste for Yeezy, with the gift of an old fashioned celebrity suing being bestowed upon Kanye West. Happy Holidays, Yeezus.

Former child star Ricky Spicer is leading the gamey lawsuit against Kanye West; Spicer was 12 years when Bound was recorded by The Ponderosa Twins Plus One (released 1971) and now – forty four years on – Kanye West has allegedly unlawfully lifted a sample from ‘Bound’ featuring Spicer’s voice with the notable line, “Bound to fall in love.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, Spicer’s lawsuit against Kanye West, Universal Music Group and West’s other labels Roc-a-fella Records, Island Def-Jam Music and Rhino Entertainment was filed on the grounds of Spicer never being contacted for permission to use the sample featuring his voice. Compensation or a cessation of the sample have been demanded by Spicer – an ambitious and fair gesture, to be sure; whether Spicer reaps the rewards of his lawsuit against Kanye is another story, considering Kanye’s own propensity for firing off and succeeding in legal battles. You come at the king, you best not miss, etc.

Naturally, Kanye West has been a veritable magnet for incensed lawsuits filed by those below him in the past; earlier this year, a paparazzo jumped aboard the golden opportunity train and sued West over a tussle; in 2012 West was similarly sued for copyright infringement and illegal samples on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and in April, West was sued over a sample used in his 2005 song ‘Gold Digger’. 

To indulge in the holiday spirit, let’s all re-watch Kanye’s own ultimate self-indulgence, the curious, flawless, self aware NSFW Microsoft screensaver, Bound 2. Listen to The Ponderosa Twins Plus One original Bound after the jump.

Via SMH.