It’s been too long between Kanye West rants, but we can forgive him that because his latest one is a real corker.

Yeezy sat down with W magazine to talk the many different sides of himself – rapper, visual artist, designer, narcissist – and issued a v. insane stern warning to critics who don’t rate his latest collectionYeezy S4, or take his design work seriously.

How stern? He threatens to pulverise them with lasers that obviously beam through his retinas to whenever he gets mad, like the Hulk.

I refuse people who write me off as some rich kid taking a hobby, fashion as a fucking hobby or a fashion plate,” he said. How could you even dare to think that, that you’re on the same level of this, blah, blah, blah?

“It’s, like, shut the fuck up. I will fucking laser you with alien fucking eyes and explode your fucking head. Shut the fuck up—try to write a rap. O.K. then. I made this fucking T-shirt, now shut up. And it cost me everything I had and I gave everything I had.” 

Kanye West Done With The Haters: “I Will Fkn Laser You With My Alien Eyes”

There are plenty of other choice quotes, including those where he compares himself to Buddy The Elf. As in Will Ferrell‘s “What’s Your Favourite Colour?” Buddy The Elf.

“He wants to make the toys. Why? Not just so he could play with them, but he wants to bring joy to the world. I am a creator and it’s my responsibility.”

Kanye West Done With The Haters: “I Will Fkn Laser You With My Alien Eyes”

Every Kanye interview is like Christmas so we’ll pay that.

Read the rest of the interview over at W.

Source: W.

Photo: George Pimentel / Getty.