Kanye West Booed by Bonnaroo Festival Crowd Following Self-Aggrandising Rant

I kinda thought that everyone loved Kanye West because he’s a massive ego monster with no boundaries and no sense of dignity or shame, but apparently the crowd at Bonnaroo Music Festival this weekend weren’t biting. West headlined the Friday night of the festival, held in Tennessee, and his set was booed by a large section of the crowd.

Reports say that West peppered his performance with typically self-aggrandising statements, turning the outro of ‘Heartless’ into a rant against the media, shouting “fuck the press!” before praising himself for his own work ethic and craft, and telling the audience, who were clearly priveleged to be in his presence, that they were only witnessing the beginning of his creative genius.

So far, so Kanye, but for whatever reason, the festival audience weren’t biting. When he told the audience that he was “the number one motherfuckin rock star on the planet”, reports say that he was met by boos and a mass exodus, with an organised chant of “FUCK KANYE” breaking out.

West has a troubled history with Bonnaroo. He arrived several hours late for his last performance there in 2008, and fans were still sufficiently pissed that this time around, the festival organisers felt the need to write an open letter explaining why they’d booked the rapper to appear a second time.

Those who stayed saw a set that was relatively light on Yeezus material and somewhat more of a greatest hits. Kim, meanwhile, kept busy on Instagram, making sure that the bulk of the attention was still on her.

via Entertainment Weekly
Photo: Rick Kern via Getty Images