BUCKLE UP: The Latest Kanye-Produced Pusha-T Record Is Coming In Hot

Ol’ mate Kanye West has diverted his attention from being ~spicy~ on Twitter to being a straight-up proud dad now that Pusha-T‘s sophomore record DAYTONA is coming in hot.

The record, which has been produced by Yeezy and is a product of “a year and a half digging for samples and writing” has been getting a great response from reviewers and those in the music biz already, and oh boy Kanye’s just so chuffed to be able to share it with everyone tomorrow.


It’s also been reported that Kanye took creative control of the album’s artwork at the eleventh hour (literally 1am Wednesday night US time), paying a tidy sum of $112k to get the OK to use an image of Whitney Houston‘s bathroom in her Atlanta house (taken in 2006), because he “wasn’t feeling” the previous artwork. Good lord, imagine having that kind of dispensable income.


Pusha-T did an interview this week with American radio station Power 105.1, saying that he didn’t agree with Kanye’s politics (Pusha supports prison reform and backed both Obama and Hilary Clinton) and that Ye makes him “feel nervous”. Check out the full thing below.

The artwork was not the only change in the dying hours before the album release, either. Pusha-T took to his own Twitter to talk about why he changed the album’s name from King Push to DAYTONA, and confirming that he’s added the hyphen back into his name.

DAYTONA is the first of five (5) albums that Kanye has announced he’s produced and will be releasing weekly. As reported by Stereogum, the next one is own solo record (apparently coming out on June 1st) and then releases from Kid See Ghost (the collab between Kanye and Kid Cudi), Nas, and Tenaya Taylor. Let’s see if Kanye can stick to a bloody deadline though.

By the way, in researching for this I came across my new favourite Twitter account, as it was the highest reply to Kanye’s tweets and LOOK AT IT.




AAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA ahh, happy Friday mates.