Look, we’ve just given up trying to work out which side of the madman/genius knife edge Kanye West is on, so we’re just gonna let him do his thing. 

And his latest thing is, he’s announced that the video for ‘Famous’ will be dropping soon. Where, on Youtube? Oh, nah, Tidal, right?

Nahhhhh. Yeezy does not ‘drop’ like a common peasant – how very dare you. 

He’s debuting the “visual” (uh huh) at a ‘premiere event’ at the LA Forum in California, and it will be live-streamed via Tidal

A limited number of Tidal subscribers will get access through the platform’s social media channels, but everyone else gotta buy a damn ticket.

Kanye Is Going Pretty Fkn Overboard To Release A “Visual” AKA Music Vid

Following the premiere, the video will be exclusive to Tidal for a week, and then it’ll apparently (APPARENTLY being the keyword here; after the ‘The Life of Pablo’ rollout, we don’t believe a damn thing anyone says anymore) be available elsewhere to watch.

We were personally hoping the official video for ‘Famous’ was going to be the alluring not-so-official music video made by most beautiful boys Aziz Ansari and Eric Wareheim while they were holiday in Italy, but sadly this was clearly not to be.

If you’re one of the Ye stans who’s willing to spend USD $25 to watch Yeezy premiere his shit, you do that here: ticketmaster.com/event/090050D510CD5572

Tickets go on sale Thursday 10:00am PDT, which is AEST 3:00AM Friday. No sleep for you, fam.

Source: Billboard

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty.