Kanye Hits Peak Kanye, Debuts New Video At LA County Museum

Kanye debuted his track ‘All Day’ back in February, and is finally following that up with a video this month, but if you want to see it, then you’d better have the funds to get to California, because it will be making its debut there, in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art
The video, directed by 12 Years A Slave‘s Steve McQueen, was shot in a single, nine-minute take in March of this year. Per reports in MTV News, it focuses on Yeezy as he: 
“… runs, crouches, dodges, raps, rants, sweats and pants, as if being pursued by the camera or the police or in pursuit himself, until he slumps against the wall to catch his breath.”
The full title of the video is ‘All Day/I Feel Like That’, with the latter half being a new song that will debut as part of the exhibit. 
The video will run for four days at the museum, and there’s no official word on what will happen after that, but presumably Kanye will allow the rest of us mere mortals to see it and post it online.
Here’s a little taste of what to expect, from footage that Kanye showed at a Paris concert earlier this year:

via MTV News
Photo: Mark Horton via Getty Images