Ah, man. Kanye Canned Tonight’s LA Gig Just Hours Beforehand & WTF Is Going On?

The past week has been a pretty damn hard week for Kanye West (and anyone who loves him): first he said he would’ve voted for Donald Trump because he enjoyed the entertainment value of his campaign, then at his Sacramento gig over the weekend he began ranting about Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Then, he bailed on the gig after three songs

So yeah. Not an easy week. 

Now, he’s cancelled a gig mere hours beforehand: Sunday night’s show at The Forum in Los Angeles

It was actually the makeup show for the previous LA show, where he lost his voice and physically couldn’t continue singing.

People are now being automatically refunded rather than rescheduled. The same will happen with the tickets from last night’s Sacramento show. 

Since the announcement of the cancellation via Ticketek, Kanye’s been flooding his never-before-used Instagram account (well, apart from one screenshot of ‘Total Recall’) with images from old Maison Martin Margiela lookbooks. 

Kanye Canned Tonight’s LA Gig Just Hours Beforehand & WTF Is Going On?

Despite many media reports about this being ‘normal egotistical Kanye behaviour‘, most of his fans are very aware that this is outlandish even for him. He could just be burnt out, but it’s looking more and more likely that Kanye’s having not such a great time mentally right now. 

Love him or hate him, Ye‘s a bloody hard worker. This year alone, he’s done multiple fashion lines, fashion shows and Yeezy sneaker releases. On top of that, he dropped one of the biggest albums of the year, and has confirmed he’s already working on a shitload more music alone, and in collaboration with other musicians, e.g. Drake. All the while, he’s on an enormous tour (that he’s already lost his voice during), and he’s trying to look after his wife who has just been through a terrifying near-death experience. Oh, and he’s got two young children. 

If you reckon you wouldn’t be burnt out after that, you’re wrong or you’re lying. 

Kanye may be famously erratic, but this is far beyond that. Right now, it seems like he needs some serious professional help. 

Having a show you were excited for cancelled absolutely sucks, there’s no doubt about that. But fam: health is the most important thing.

We hope Kanye’s taking some rest and getting some help, hey. Big fella needs some time to look after himself.

Source: Pitchfork.

Photo: Kevin Mazur / Getty. 

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