Kanye Asked For Album Name Guesses, Most Of Ya Made Butt Jokes Instead

Jesus fkn Christ, Kanye West! Old mate announced the fourth album change for his new album today, which is dropping on Friday. 

T.L.O.P., he says. 

So, of course, everyone began guessing what those letters stood for. Why wouldn’t you?!  
But then, Kanye tweeted this:
Please peruse some of the carnage below:

Are he and Kim Kardashian-West just continually trying to #BreakTheInternet? The man might be insane, but he’s a marketing genius.
Anyway, ta ra – this writer’s gotta head over to Twitter to win some sneakers/tickets. And not make butt jokes. Ehhh… maybe some butt jokes.
Source: Twitter.
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty.