Justin Vernon’s Not Cool With How His Eminem Collab Turned Out

Maybe I’m dumb, but I had NFI artist collabs weren’t a start-to-finish situation. But now that I know, it makes complete sense as to why so often you hear a verse or a guest bridge on a tune that seems really… unnatural. And that’s exactly what’s gone down with Justin Vernon‘s collab on new Eminem track, ‘Fall’.

[jwplayer BJc4no54]

See, Justin’s taken to Twitter to voice his dislike of the track, which features his vocals but also sees Eminem ripping into Tyler, The Creator – calling the artist a homophobic slur which I’m not repeating because, well, let’s stop using homophobic slurs, right?


He went on to praise Eminem, just in case anyone thought his dislike of the track was to do with the rapper himself.


He’s now claiming that he’s going to “kill” the track.


Whether Justin’s got enough power to do so, we’ll see. But props to him for speaking up about homophobia.