People Are Furious At Justin Timberlake For His Super Bowl Prince Tribute

Well ah, that was certainly a thing. After threatening to use a hologram and then getting blocked from doing so, Justin Timberlake made sure Prince‘s presence was felt during the Super Bowl Half Time show earlier today, and fans are fairly crabby about it.

This year’s Super Bowl is being held in Minneapolis, which was famously the city where the iconic and dearly departed Prince called home. So even breathing his name in that town has to be done with the utmost reverence.

But JT’s momentary nod to the Purple One is copping bulk heat. In the middle of his performance, Timberlake sat behind a piano on-field, positioned in front of a giant sheet upon which classic footage of Prince was projected many feet high as Timberlake performed a snippet of Prince’s hit I Would Die 4 Ulighting the area of the city surrounding the stadium up in purple in tribute.

But the public response to the performance has been ahh… not exactly kind.

The issue with the anger from fans stems from the fact that Prince himself repeatedly stated that he did not want to be displayed as a hologram, or anything of the sort, after he died. Both Prince’s family and former musical collaborators railed against the rumoured hologram plans late last week, with Sheila E in particular shouting down the notion.

And yet old mate still ploughed ahead and did that, huh.

It’s technically not a hologram, but lordy is it ever in the same ball park.

Ahh well.

Prince’s own Super Bowl Half Time show in 2007, where he performed in driving Floridian rain, remains untouchably the best Super Bowl Half Time show of all time.

Now that is a performance.