Justin Bieber’s Douchey Deposition Video Is Grounds For Jail Time

Footage obtained by TMZ’s Celebrity Intelligence Agency represents conclusive proof that the youth of today are crazy for thinking that someone as douchey as Justin Bieber is worthy of their devotion. Sorry, young people. The new litmus test for insanity is whether or not you think Justin Bieber is a cool guy or not and based on this stunning reel of footage documenting a deposition conducted earlier this month where the 20 year old singer was questioned in relation to an incident in June of last year where a paparazzi was allegedly beaten by one of his bodyguards, this dude is a psychopath.      

A few things: – We know geography isn’t his strong suit (see here) but pretending not to know whether he’s been to Australia before is an INSULT TO THE NATION and something customs officials should take into consideration the next time he wants to come back to a place he can’t recall if he’s been before.  

– Using the tiny reflection in the lens of the camera to zhoosh himself is basically an admission he is a sociopath who has killed before. 

– The whole part where he questions if he’s watching a “film” film like the one you would go pay $20 to see with strangers in a dark room somewhere because if it’s not that type of film and just footage of the incident he’s being questioned about then FUCK ALL OF THAT.  
– He misuses the word “detrimental”. 

Someone please, put this guy away forever.