Your boy Justin Bieber is no stranger to tattoos – he has more than 50 of them, including various pieces of religious iconography, Roman numerals, and one of Selena Gomez as a winged angel, which has has since attempted to cover up.

His latest ink, though, is really something else. The Biebs unveiled his new tattoo work on Instagram overnight, and it’s pretty wild – spanning most of his chest and torso, it features an an array of gargoyles, skeletons and Gothic arches, obscuring the ‘Son Of God’ tattoo he got last year.

He posted a picture and video without any further explanation, because I guess never having to explain yourself is one of the perks of being Justin Bieber.

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One unintended bonus is that we also get an unfiltered look into the contents of what I assume is JB’s bathroom, featuring a half-drunk container of juice, coconut water, dietary supplements, roll-on deodorant (gross) and a pack of chocolate chip cookies.

Bieber – he’s just like us, except he possibly eats snacks on the can, and is also nothing like us.

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Celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang, who actually put the ink on Bieber, took to his own Instagram to explain what went into the process.

“Thank you for the trust,” he wrote. “26 hours over 3 consecutive days is the most I’ve ever tattooed anyone in my 13 year career. You’re tough as nails man!”

Bang Bang, otherwise known as Keith McCurdy, has plied his trade on an array of other celebrity clients, including Demi LovatoRihannaKaty PerryCara Delevingne and Rita Ora 

Moments in battle

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Image: Getty Images / Kevin Mazur