Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: raucous, uber-famous musician finds God, writes an album referring to the experience, and then projects that commercially-friendly theology to the masses.

While we’ve already covered the Christian expression of Kanye West pretty thoroughly in this here publication, I’m here today to let you know that Justin Bieber has copied the playbook and is preparing to unleash his new God-tinged single upon this wretched Earth.

In new a YouTube video, Bieber says his newie, Yummy, will arrive on January 3, 2020. Whether that release and subsequent album heralds another solid decade of Bieber is yet to be seen, but the guy is obviously gunning for it: there’s also a docu-series in the works, apparently.

He also announced a slew of North American tour dates, if you feel so inclined to hoof it across the international date line to catch him live in concert.

Yummy will arrive a cool three years after his last LP Purpose, which already did a fairly good job of delineating Nü Bieber from his more juvenile antics. In that time, Bieber has (obviously) strengthened his religious ties, collaborated with some other chart-toppers, and got married to Hailey Baldwin. 

So, is Yummy about Hailey or Him? We’ll find out soon enough.

Image: Justin Bieber / YouTube